About Puloplastics s.r.o.

The company of Puloplastics s.r.o. was founded in 1996.

Our main products are roof domes and daylights.
The dome consists of 3 parts:

  • PMMA (acrylate) dome
  • PVC frame
  • Glass fibre collar

Main use: bringing daylight and fresh air into the buildings.

Technical solutinon: we are offering fixed or openable skylights. The openable ones can be used for ventilation or as a roof door.

Opening of the domes can be manual or electric.

PMMA - Polymethyl Metacrylate thickness 2.5-3 mm. The domes can be single-layered or they can consist of up to 5 layers.
PVC frame is welded of extruded PVC profile.
Fiberglass collar is a sandwich structure with PU core (thickness 20mm).
Our skydomes can be installed on roofs with maximum slope up to 25°.


Technické informace